The Leader inMulticulturalBeauty Care


40 years of experience as the industry leader in the distribution of Multicultural Hair and Beauty Care products.

Our company carries a massive array of products with over

7,000 SKUs

serving the multicultural consumer with a focus in hair care, hair color, shave, and skin care beauty products.

Our proven track record of building brands and recognizing opportunities within the ever-expanding beauty category sets us apart from our competitors. Over the years, our distribution channel has expanded from small to midsize beauty supply shops, to catering to major retail chains, with over 35,000 store doors nationwide to date. In 2015, Ultra Standard expanded its business model globally and now serves markets across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The various brands we carry and distribute are household names ranging from global icons to local favorites.

Demonstrating great success in developing and growing our business model, Ultra Standard acquired Metro International in 2011 and Texture Media in 2015. These acquisitions clearly indicated our commitment to staying ahead of the industry curve and being innovation leaders. TextureMedia is the largest and one of the most influential social-media haircare communities for multicultural beauty consumers. This union reinforces our ability to produce a 360-degree platform to cultivate conversations between retailers, brands, and consumers. Emerging brands benefit greatly from these relationships, allowing for faster entry into the retail space.