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With vendor onboarding we can take your company to new
heights with vendor management and marketing support.
We will offer strategic distribution alignment as well as a
dedicated purchase team.


Our logistics team will bring your company world class
robotic facility, accurate chain fulfillment and we will
also offer replenishment capabilities.


With our multi-faceted marketing tools we will offer your
company custom co-op programs, specialized research
based on consumer gathered data and a dedicated
media platform.


With category management we offer independent
category expertise. With years of experience in the
industry we have category data analysis down to a science.
Using syndicated data we also offer planogram management,
which will define where and in what quantity products
are placed on shelves in order to maximize sales.

Sales Distribution

Our sales department will offer extensive retail distribution
which will bring expansive sales force and help your
company generate a strong industry reputation.


Analytics is necessary to obtain consumers trending
needs, with our category data analysis using syndicated
data and annual texture & trends reports we can
increase your profits by stocking in demand products.

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