It is quite disappointing to discover that your hair is tangled shortly after washday. Especially when your curl friends do not really face the same challenge with their curls.

“How does my hair tangle so quickly?” you may wonder.

Luckily, we will share the most common causes of tangled curls in this article and how to avoid tearing your hair out.

1. Not using the right deep-conditioner

Knowing the porosity of your hair is key when purchasing a deep-conditioner. Many curlies base their purchase decision on reviews of a popular blogger, who may have a different hair porosity. A suitable deep-conditioner will restore the condition of the cuticle and improve its ability to absorb and restore moisture. For instance, someone who has low porosity hair should avoid using protein deep-conditioners. On the other hand, someone who has high porosity hair needs protein to restore the damaged cuticles.

2. Not detangling your hair correctly

There are many ways of detangling curls incorrectly. For instance, some people mostly detangle the ends of their hair, but fail to detangle the roots thoroughly. As a result, they often have tangles in their roots. Others do not section their hair prior to detangling. Consequently, it is easy to overlook areas to detangle. When detangling incorrectly, your strands will get cluttered with other strands. As a result, there will be knots in the hair.

Prior to detangling your hair you should divide your hair into sections. Start detangling your hair at the ends and carefully detangle up to the roots. If you are able to smoothly run the comb from the roots to the ends you have detangle your hair correctly.

3. Postponing wash days

Making the washday results last as long as possible is preferred by many curlies. However, your hair really needs moisture. Without moisture, your hair will be brittle and rough. As a result, your strands will get tangled. To prevent this from happening, schedule a wash morning, afternoon or evening during the week.

4. Product build up

LOC or LCO are curly hair methods, which are often recommended by many curly hair gurus. Unfortunately, these curly hair care methods are not suitable for every hair porosity. For instance, applying too many products on low porosity hair will cause product build-up. As a result, the hair will get tangled easily. Curious about which type of products would match your curly hair needs? Then you should read this article.

5. The wrong nighttime routine

Hair tangling can be caused by friction between the hair cuticles as they move and rub against each other. The friction occurs when your head moves during your sleep. Braids, a pineapple bun, wearing a satin scarf or bonnet are ways to prevent your hair from tangling.

6. You do not trim your hair consistently

It may be tempting to avoid a visit to the hairdresser, but trimming your curls prevents your strands from tangling. Split ends will cause friction with other ends. As a result, you will have tangles and fairy knots. Visit the hairdresser every three months to prevent this from happening.

7. You should try low manipulation styling

Wash and go may be perceived as a never-ending battle. Especially, when the washday results last less than two days. If you want to give yourself a break, you should try low manipulation styling, such as flexi-rods, roller sets, banding, curlformers and heatless blowouts. To achieve excellent results you will have to detangle every strand carefully. Low manipulation hair styling will not require lots of effort the days after washdays. Besides, you will be tempted to follow most of the good habits. For instance, to achieve beautiful results you will encourage yourself to detangle your hair correctly. Not to forget, as it took quite some effort to achieve excellent results, you will follow the right nighttime routine to make sure that you will continue having good hair days.

8. Your clothing causes friction

Wearing a scarf or a jacket or top with a high collar can be warm, fashionable and comfortable; however, if you are not wearing a silk scarf the moisture will be absorbed by the material of the garment. Thus, the hair will tangle. Try not to wear your hair down when rocking a scarf or clothing that will rub on your hair.